Winchester Model 71 Cooey 243Win Carbine

Price: $ 990.00
Winchester Model 71 Cooey 243Win CarbineWinchester Model 71 Cooey 243Win CarbineWinchester Model 71 Cooey 243Win Carbine
Condition: VERY GOOD
Comments: The Cooey Model 71, sometimes known as the Winchester Western Cooey 71 was a Canadian-made bolt action rifle produced in Cobourg, Ontario by the former HW Cooey Machine and Arms Company after it was bought out by Olin in 1961.
This design is VERY close to the early Winchester Model 70 (which it's based on), but with the safety on the side instead of on the bolt. Like the Winchester 70, it uses a push feed rather than controlled round feed in its action. It is thought that only around 13000 were produced in various calibres. This is an early example with four-digit serial number and has a very nice fine grained Walnut stock. Most of the original metal finish still remains. Optics is a Bushnell 4X32 Banner made in Japan. A well maintained handy carbine size rifle.
Serial Number: 7056
Make: Winchester
Model: 71 Cooey
Calibre/Gauge: 243Win
Action: Bolt Repeater
Scope/Sights: Bushnell 4x32
Location : WA
Licence No. : 9993958
Seller's Phone : 0420 977 780
Transferring Dealer : All firearm transfers must be conducted using a licenced firearms dealer.

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