Tibetan Skull Cap Kapala

Price: $ 750.00
Tibetan Skull Cap KapalaTibetan Skull Cap KapalaTibetan Skull Cap Kapala
Condition: EXCELLENT
Comments: A highly collectable human skull Cap kapala from Tibet.
In Tibetan monasteries a kapala is used symbolically to hold bread or dough cakes, torma, and wine instead of blood and flesh as offerings to wrathful deities, such as the ferocious Dharmapāla ("defender of the faith"). The dough cakes are shaped to resemble human eyes, ears and tongues. The kapala is made from a human skull cap, specially collected and prepared. It is elaborately anointed and consecrated before use.
Decorated with skulls and a face in "white metal" usually a low grade silver.
Excellent antique condition,

Max Length: 17cm
Max Width: 13cm
Max Height: 10cm
Location : VIC
Licence No. : 55155201F
Seller's Phone : 0407552655
Transferring Dealer : All firearm transfers must be conducted using a licenced firearms dealer.

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