EOI #266 HM Quackenbush

EOI #266 HM QuackenbushEOI #266 HM QuackenbushEOI #266 HM Quackenbush
Condition: GOOD
We've discovered this firearm amongst our stocks. We know it's special, and probably rare. We believe it to be in working condition.
We've done some homework, but are yet to determine it's true value.
If this is something you might be interested in, feel free to make an offer
Serial Number: 13529
Make: HM Quackenbush
Model: 1
Calibre/Gauge: unconfirmed
Action: Pump Action
Location : VIC
Licence No. : 47389850F
Seller's Phone : 0350324378
Transferring Dealer : All firearm transfers must be conducted using a licenced firearms dealer.

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