Price: $ 8,000.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Comments: Selling Blaser LRS 2 (.338 Lapua Magnum) - perfect condition.
Fully prepared, high-precision rifle equipped with everything you need to confidently hit a target at long distances. The rifle is
unique in its kind, fired 82 shots from birth.
Great rifle with 100% honest and clean history !!!
Serial Number: 9/222695
Make: Blaser
Model: Blaser R93 LRS2
Calibre/Gauge: 300WinMag
Action: Bolt Single Shot
Scope/Sights: NF Atacr 5-25×56 scope (reticle) MIL-R
Location : SA
Licence No. : 339422L
Seller's Phone : 0881218027
Transferring Dealer : All firearm transfers must be conducted using a licenced firearms dealer.

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