Attention Purchasers 

Universalusedguns is a business which provides web space for members of the public with legal authorisation to advertise and sell legally registered  firearms to legally authorised  purchasers.

The legal relationship between Universalusedguns and the advertisers of this website is one of seller of advertising space and buyer of advertising space.  There is no other legal relationship.

Universalusedguns has no legal relationship with you the Purchaser. The relationship between you and the seller of firearms is strictly between yourselves.

Universalusedguns makes no warranties as to, and does not vet, authorize or endorse, the accuracy, currency, suitability or completeness of any information contained in the advertisements or any communication between the seller of the firearms and you the Purchaser.

Advertisements on this website are produced solely by the firearms sellers and/or its agents (which Universalusedguns is not).  Any statements, whatsoever their nature, made by the firearms seller are those of the firearms seller and not those of Universalusedguns.

Universalusedguns provides list of terms which can be used by the firearms’ seller to describe the condition of firearms sold.  This list is only a suggested guide for sellers of firearms.  It is the responsibility of the firearms seller to determine whether the guide can be used to accurately reflect the condition of the firearm sold.   Universalusedguns does not view or check the items sold on its website and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make enquiries directly from the firearms seller.

Purchasers should make appropriate enquiries and receive independent advice prior to finalizing their purchase.  

If you purchase firearms  advertised on this website you agree that you forgo any legal action(s), if any, you have against Universalusedguns and will indemnify Universalusedguns  against any claims made against it from any third party arising from a sale transaction on this website.